Don’t settle for any Puerto Rico realtor. Work with a local expert who will help you find your dream property and make it a home piece by piece to reach your dreams.

Marie Ruiz Suau

Marie Ruiz Suau

Real Estate Professional | Owner Mosaic Realty

Marie Ruiz Suau started out working in the airline industry after graduating from Tulane University. There she became highly skilled in sales and administration services. Having always had a passion for real estate, she became a licensed broker in 1991. A year later, she received her license as an Interior Designer and Decorator. Along with purchasing 9 homes of their own, Marie and her husband have also remodeled and flipped houses. All of this experience, background and exquisite design helps Marie better understand her clients’ needs. She recognizes the investment of time, money, energy and emotion that goes into buying and selling real estate. But the key to Marie’s success as a realtor came when she decided to add one last passion to her business: mosaic art. Being a mosaics hobbyist, Marie understands that to create mosaic art, you must have a clear vision in mind that can be reached by putting the pieces together.

Now, Marie and her team dedicate their efforts and skills toward helping clients reach their dream properties and goals piece by piece. Those pieces, while personalized for each experience, may include setting the right price, staging the home, accessing exclusive listings and creating a comprehensive marketing plan that targets just the right buyers.

Who are Marie’s clients? She works with everyone from professional couples to retirees, foreigners looking for a second vacation home, business executives searching for a luxury home, and real estate investors looking for commercial properties.


Marie and her team can boast years of experience between them, in depth market knowledge, strategic flexibility, excellent negotiating skills, and a collaborative spirit with an all-hands-on-deck approach to helping clients get the best deals.

But perhaps what Marie and her realty can boast most about is the fact they truly care about the people they work with and for. They believe it is a privilege to guide others on a journey toward their dreams, and they take their work very seriously (while also having a lot of fun!).

Let Marie and her team at Mosaic Realty help YOU reach your dream property piece by piece. Give them a call or email them today.

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